Meta-analysis of GWAS of over 16,000 individuals with autism spectrum disorder highlights a novel locus at 10q24.32 and a significant overlap with schizophrenia

  title={Meta-analysis of GWAS of over 16,000 individuals with autism spectrum disorder highlights a novel locus at 10q24.32 and a significant overlap with schizophrenia},
  author={Richard J. L. Anney and Stephan Ripke and Verneri Anttila and Jakob Grove and Peter Holmans and Hailiang Huang and Lambertus Klei and Phil Hyoun Lee and Sarah E. Medland and Benjamin Neale and E. Robinson and Lauren A Weiss and Lonnie Zwaigenbaum and Timothy W. Yu and Kerstin Wittemeyer and A. Jeremy Willsey and Ellen M. Wijsman and Thomas Werge and Thomas H. Wassink and Regina Waltes and Christopher A. Walsh and Simon Wallace and Jacob A. S. Vorstman and Veronica J. Vieland and Astrid Moura Vicente and Herman vanEngeland and K. Tsang and Ann P. Thompson and Peter Szatmari and Oscar Svantesson and Stacy Steinberg and K{\'a}ri Stef{\'a}nsson and Hreinn Stefansson and Matthew W. State and Latha Soorya and Teimuraz Silagadze and Stephen W. Scherer and Gerard D. Schellenberg and Sven Sandin and Stephan J. Sanders and Evald Saemundsen and Guy A. Rouleau and Bernadette Rog{\'e} and Kathryn Roeder and Wendy Roberts and Jennifer G. Reichert and Abraham Reichenberg and Karola Rehnstr{\"o}m and Regina Regan and Fritz Poustka and Christopher S. Poultney and Joseph Piven and Dalila Pinto and Margaret A. Pericak-Vance and Milica Pejovic-Milovancevic and Marianne Gi{\o}rtz Pedersen and Carsten B{\o}cker Pedersen and Andrew D Paterson and Jeremy R. Parr and Alistair T Pagnamenta and Guiomar Oliveira and John I. Nurnberger and Merete Nordentoft and Michael T. Murtha and Susana Mouga and Preben Bo Mortensen and Ole Mors and Eric M. Morrow and Daniel Moreno-De-Luca and Anthony P Monaco and Nancy J. Minshew and Alison K. Merikangas and William M. McMahon and Susan G. McGrew and Manuel Mattheisen and Igor Martsenkovsky and Donna M. Martin and Shrikant M. Mane and P{\'a}ll Magn{\'u}sson and Tiago Magalh{\~a}es and Elena Maestrini and Jennifer K. Lowe and Catherine Lord and Pat Levitt and Christa Lese Martin and David H. Ledbetter and Marion Leboyer and A Lecouteur and Christine Ladd-Acosta and Alexander Kolevzon and Sabine M Klauck and Suma Sira Jacob and Bozenna Iliadou and Christina M. Hultman and David Michael Hougaard and Irva Hertz-Picciotto and Robert L Hendren and Christine S{\o}holm Hansen and Jonathan L. Haines and Stephen J. Guter and Dorothy E. Grice and Jonathan M. Green and Andrew Bradford Green and Arthur P. Goldberg and Christopher Gillberg and John Gilbert and Louise Gallagher and Christine M. Freitag and Eric Fombonne and Susan E. Folstein and Bernardo J. Fern{\'a}ndez and M Daniele Fallin and Adife Gulhan Ercan-Sencicek and Sean Ennis and Frederico Duque and Eftichia Duketis and Richard Delorme and Silvia DeRubeis and Michael P. Dejonge and Geraldine Dawson and Michael L. Cuccaro and Catarina Correia and Judith Conroy and In{\^e}s C. Conceiç{\~a}o and Andreas G Chiocchetti and Patr{\'i}cia B. S. Celestino-Soper and Jeffrey A. Casey and Rita M. Cantor and C{\'a}tia Caf{\'e} and Jonas Bybjerg-Grauholm and Sean Brennan and Thomas Bourgeron and Patrick F. Bolton and Sven B{\"o}lte and Nadia Bolshakova and Catalina Betancur and Raphael Bernier and Arthur L Beaudet and Agatino Battaglia and Vanessa H Bal and Gillian Baird and Anthony J. Bailey and Marie B{\ae}kvad-Hansen and Joel S. Bader and Elena Bacchelli and Evdokia Anagnostou and David G. Amaral and Joana Pinheiro de Almeida and Anders D. B{\o}rglum and Joseph D. Buxbaum and Aravinda Chakravarti and Edwin H. Cook and Hilary Coon and Daniel H. Geschwind and Michael Gill and Joachim Hallmayer and Aarno Palotie and S. Santangelo and James S. Sutcliffe and Dan E Arking and Brendan Devlin and Mark J. Daly},
  booktitle={Molecular autism},
BACKGROUND Over the past decade genome-wide association studies (GWAS) have been applied to aid in the understanding of the biology of traits. The success of this approach is governed by the underlying effect sizes carried by the true risk variants and the corresponding statistical power to observe such effects given the study design and sample size under investigation. Previous ASD GWAS have identified genome-wide significant (GWS) risk loci; however, these studies were of only of low… CONTINUE READING


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