Meta-analysis: does lidocaine gel before flexible cystoscopy provide pain relief?

  title={Meta-analysis: does lidocaine gel before flexible cystoscopy provide pain relief?},
  author={David Seth Aaronson and Thomas J Walsh and James Fielding Smith and Benjamin J. Davies and Michael H. Hsieh and Badrinath R. Konety},
  journal={BJU international},
  volume={104 4},
  pages={506-9; discussion 509-10}
OBJECTIVE To consolidate previous reports and conduct a meta-analysis to draw further conclusions on the efficacy of the instillation of lidocaine gel before flexible cystoscopy, as it has had varying efficacy in several randomized controlled studies. METHODS We reviewed previous reports cited in PubMed, Biosis and the Cochrane Library, identified by a professional librarian searching for English language-only randomized controlled studies involving the keywords, lidocaine, cystoscopy, gel… CONTINUE READING

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