Message in the Music: Political Commentary in Black Popular Music from Rhythm and Blues to Early Hip Hop

  title={Message in the Music: Political Commentary in Black Popular Music from Rhythm and Blues to Early Hip Hop},
  author={Jim Stewart},
  journal={The Journal of African American History},
  pages={196 - 225}
  • J. Stewart
  • Published 22 June 2005
  • Political Science
  • The Journal of African American History
This essay examines the content of political commentaries in the lyrics of Rhythm and Blues (R & B) songs. It utilizes a broad definition of R & B that includes sub-genres such as Funk and "Psychedelic Soul." The investigation is intended, in part, to address persisting misinterpretations of the manner in which R & B influenced listeners' political engagement during the Civil Rights Black Power Movement. The content of the messages in R & B lyrics is deconstructed to enable a fuller… 

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