Message from the general chair

  title={Message from the general chair},
  author={Benjamin C. Lee},
The ability to understand spatial prepositions and motion i n atural language will enable a variety of new applications involving systems that can respond to verbal directions, map travel guides, display incident reports, etc., providi ng for enhanced information extraction, question-answering, information retrieval, and more prin cipled text to scene rendering. Until now, however, the semantics of spatial relations and motion verbs has been highly problematic. This tutorial presents a new… 


Towards a Computational History of the ACL: 1980-2008
A people-centered computational history of science that tracks authors over topics and applies it to the history of computational linguistics finds that the government-sponsored bakeoffs brought new researchers to the field, and bridged early topics to modern probabilistic approaches.
ICT: System Description for CoNLL-2012
This paper investigates a projection-based model in which they first translate Chinese and Arabic into English, run a publicly available coreference system, and then use a new projection algorithm to map the coreferring entities back from English into mention candidates detected in the China and Arabic source.
NEWS2012 - 4th Named Entities Workshop
  • 2012
SP-Sem-MRL2012 - Parsing and Semantic Processing of Morphologically Rich L
  • 2012
Tuesday 4:20pm–4:40pm — Samda (ICC) The ACL 2012 Contributed Task is a community effort aiming
  • 2012
2001)’s algorithm and features
  • 2001