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1 Phosphorylation Requirement of Murine Leukemia Virus p12 Brzezinski, J; Felkner, R; Roth, M The p12 protein of murine leukemia virus (MLV) Gag is associated with the preintegration complex (PIC), and mutants of p12 (PM14) exhibit defects in nuclear entry/retention. We have shown that p12 is responsible for tethering the PIC to the host chromatin, and here we show that a phosphorylated peptide motif derived from human papillomavirus 8 (HPV 8), the E2 hinge region (240-255), can functionally replace the main phosphorylated motif of MLV p12 and can rescue the viral titer of the lethal p12-PM14 mutant. This HPV 8 motif is responsible for modulating DNA tethering in the E2 protein. Complementation with the HPV 8 E2 hinge motif generated multiple viral revertants in live viral passage assays, including one deleting the HPV 8 E2 phosphorylation motif. The phosphorylation of this and two other revertants are investigated by mass spectrometry and Western blotting. In addition, the DNA binding of these and individual site mutations of the p12 phosphorylation motif are shown via p12-GFP confocal imaging. We found that the native phosphorylation of p12 is required for its DNA binding function and viral fitness, and that deletion of this motif gives rise to viral revertants that rescue fitness and DNA tethering.

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