Mesoscopic behavior near a two-dimensional metal-insulator transition

  title={Mesoscopic behavior near a two-dimensional metal-insulator transition},
  author={Dragana Popovi'c and Sean Washburn},
  journal={Physical Review B},
We study conductance fluctuations in a two-dimensional electron gas as a function of chemical potential (or gate voltage) from the strongly insulating to the metallic regime. Power spectra of the fluctuations decay with two distinct exponents (1/v_l and 1/v_h). For conductivity $\sigma\sim 0.1 e^{2}/h$, we find a third exponent (1/v_i) in the shortest samples, and non-monotonic dependence of v_i and v_l on \sigma. We study the dependence of v_i, v_l, v_h, and the variances of corresponding… 
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