Mesoscale and macroscale aspects of the morning Urban Heat Island around Athens, Greece

  title={Mesoscale and macroscale aspects of the morning Urban Heat Island around Athens, Greece},
  author={Pavlos A. Kassomenos and Basil D. Katsoulis},
  journal={Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics},
SummaryThis paper examines the characteristics of the morning Urban Heat Island (UHI) in Athens basin, Greece. The study is performed by using and analyzing mesoscale and synoptic data covering the period 1990–2001. The UHI was estimated using the 0600 Local Time (LT) minimum temperature differences between rural and urban areas of the city. The analysis results in 7 UHI classes. A strong UHI was found for the 1/3 of days. The specific meteorological characteristics (surface and upper air… 

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