Mesoporous silica nanoreactors for highly efficient proteolysis.

  title={Mesoporous silica nanoreactors for highly efficient proteolysis.},
  author={Jie Fan and Wenqing Shui and Pengyuan Y. Yang and Xiaoyan Wang and Yunmin Xu and Hong-Hai Wang and Xian Zhong Chen and Dongyuan Zhao},
  volume={11 18},
Protein digestion inside the nanoreactor channels of mesoporous silica (SBA-15) is reported, and evaluated by using peptide-mass mapping. Both proteases and substrates were efficiently captured within these biocompatible nanoreactors. After 10 minutes, the mass spectrum of the protein digests released from the mesoporous-silica-based nanoreactors revealed the presence of eight peptides covering 58% of the protein sequence with an intense signal (signal/noise ratio > 70). In comparison, the… CONTINUE READING

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