Mesoderm formation by isolated and cultivated 8-cell stage blastomeres of the teleost, Leucopsarion ptersii (shiro-uo).

  title={Mesoderm formation by isolated and cultivated 8-cell stage blastomeres of the teleost, Leucopsarion ptersii (shiro-uo).},
  author={T. Saito and M. Kamimoto and A. Miyake and E. Yamaha and T. Suzuki and N. Nakatsuji and T. Nakatsuji},
  journal={The International journal of developmental biology},
  volume={45 4},
Isolation of cleavage-stage blastomeres and the study of their developmental potential has been used extensively for analyzing the mechanisms of embryogenesis in vertebrates, including amphibians and echinoderms. We devised a method to isolate 8-cell stage blastomeres in the teleost, shiro-uo, by utilizing its unique cleavage pattern of the horizontal 3rd cleavage plane. Removal of all the upper blastomeres at the 8-cell stage allowed almost normal embryogenesis from the remaining lower… Expand
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