Mesenteric vein thrombosis. The importance of a second-look operation.

  title={Mesenteric vein thrombosis. The importance of a second-look operation.},
  author={J M Khodadadi and J Rozencwajg and N Nacasch and Ben Schmidt and M M Feuchtwanger},
  journal={Archives of surgery},
  volume={115 3},
Mesenteric vein thrombosis is an abdominal emergency that is rarely diagnosed early. Review of the literature has shown that most cases have been treated by intestinal resection, a few by thrombectomy with or without resection. Three cases of mesenteric vein thrombosis were treated by resection, heparinization, and a second-look operation after 24 hours. When necessary, resection was carried out at the second surgical procedure followed by a third-look operation after 24 hours. After the last… CONTINUE READING
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