Mesenteric fibromatosis: a report of three cases and literature review.

  title={Mesenteric fibromatosis: a report of three cases and literature review.},
  author={Vedant Kabra and Pankaj P. Chaturvedi and Kumar Alok Pathak and Luis J Desouza},
  journal={Indian journal of cancer},
  volume={38 2-4},
Fibromatosis is a group of relatively uncommon benign diseases showing proliferation of fibrous tissues and is liable to be confused with fibrosarcoma, thereby causing diagnostic as well as therapeutic dilemmas. Even after the correct diagnosis is made, one is not sure about the most effective treatment is in a given setting. Surgery seems to provide the best results but is not feasible at many times due to the extent of the disease, hence the need for non-surgical modalities for unresectable… CONTINUE READING

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