Mesenteric Castleman tumor.

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Computed tomography in a case of mesenteric Castleman tumor showed a well-circumscribed homogeneous soft tissue density mass with moderate contrast enhancement after injection of contrast material. These findings correlate well with previously reported mediastinal Castleman tumors. 
Pancreatic castleman disease: CT findings
Computed tomography findings in a case of pancreatic localization of Castleman disease are presented correlated with histological findings. This is the second observation in the literature ofExpand
Focal Castleman disease of the lung: MRI findings.
MR findings of an unusual case of solitary parenchymal lung involvement are reported of an uncommon benign disorder mainly affecting mediastinal lymph nodes and rarely visceral organs. Expand
Case report: the ultrasound and computed tomography appearance of mesenteric Castleman disease.
The radiological findings in a 10-year-old female child with a mesenteric Castleman tumour presenting with intermittent abdominal pain and a persistently elevated erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) are discussed. Expand
Castleman disease: CT and MR imaging features of a retroperitoneal location in association with paraneoplastic pemphigus
The CT and MRI features of a case of Castleman disease which was unusual by both its retroperitoneal location and its association with paraneoplastic pemphigus are described. Expand
Mesenteric Castleman's Disease: Report of a Case
A surgical resection of the tumor revealed a mesenteric Castleman's tumor with small daughter lymphoid tumors of plasma cell type, and a definitive preoperative diagnosis could be established. Expand
Widespread Castleman disease: CT findings
The imaging findings of two patients with extensive Castleman lymphadenopathy are described, finding the duration of the disease was 8 years in one patient and 4.5 months in the other. Expand
Castleman's disease of the axilla mimicking metastasis.
A case of localized axillary Castleman's disease mimicking metastasis as the patient had a palpable malignant mass in the breast, described by ultrasonography, color Doppler ultrasonographic, contrast-enhanced CT, and dynamic enhanced breast MR images. Expand
Radiological presentations of Castleman's disease.
In tumors with above characteristics in areas where lymphoid tissue is normally found, Castleman's disease should be added to the list of differential diagnosis. Expand
Sonographic findings in a case of Castleman disease of the neck.
  • J. Williams, J. Kaude
  • Medicine
  • Journal of ultrasound in medicine : official journal of the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine
  • 1986
This work presents a patient with a single node lesion in the posterior triangle of the right neck and illustrates the sonographic findings, the first sonographic demonstration of Castleman disease in the neck. Expand
Laparoscopy-assisted resection for Mesenteric Castleman’s disease: Report of a case
The clinical findings of these cases are discussed, which reveal a mesenteric Castleman’s tumor of the hyaline vascular type in a 65-year-old female patient diagnosed with breast cancer. Expand