Mesenchymal stem cells can affect solid organ allograft survival.

  title={Mesenchymal stem cells can affect solid organ allograft survival.},
  author={Felix Cristoph Popp and Elke Eggenhofer and Philipp O Renner and Edward Kenneth Geissler and Pompiliu Piso and Hans J. Schlitt and Marc Hendrik Dahlke},
  volume={87 9 Suppl},
It has recently been recognized that mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) isolated from adult bone marrow are able to modify the alloimmune response in vitro and in vivo. MSCs can be expanded into large quantities in culture, thereby facilitating potential future applications in solid organ transplantation. To develop novel MSC-based antirejection treatments, the mechanism behind the immunomodulatory ability of MSCs has to be elucidated further. At present, a variety of possible in vitro effects of… CONTINUE READING
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