Mesenchymal stem cells: From stem cells to sarcomas.

  title={Mesenchymal stem cells: From stem cells to sarcomas.},
  author={Kwan Liang Lye and Norshariza Nordin and Sharmili Vidyadaran and Karuppiah Thilakavathy},
  journal={Cell biology international},
  volume={40 6},
Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) have garnered vast interests in clinical settings, especially in regenerative medicine due to their unique properties-they are reliably isolated and expanded from various tissue sources; they are able to differentiate into mesodermal tissues such as bones, cartilages, adipose tissues, and muscles; and they have unique immunosuppressive properties. However, there are some concerns pertaining to the role of MSCs in the human body. On one hand, they are crucial… CONTINUE READING

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