Mesenchymal–epithelial interactions in the skin

  title={Mesenchymal–epithelial interactions in the skin},
  author={Yuji Yamaguchi and Satoshi Itami and Hidenori Watabe and Ken-ichi Yasumoto and Zalfa A Abdel-Malek and Tateki Kubo and François Rouzaud and Atsushi Tanemura and Kunihiko Yoshikawa and Vincent J. Hearing},
  journal={The Journal of Cell Biology},
  pages={275 - 285}
We investigated whether or not the topographic regulation of melanocyte differentiation is determined by mesenchymal-epithelial interactions via fibroblast-derived factors. The melanocyte density in palmoplantar human skin (i.e., skin on the palms and the soles) is five times lower than that found in nonpalmoplantar sites. Palmoplantar fibroblasts significantly suppressed the growth and pigmentation of melanocytes compared with nonpalmoplantar fibroblasts. Using cDNA microarray analysis… CONTINUE READING
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