author={Mike Jay},
The epidemiology of mescaline use: Pattern of use, motivations for consumption, and perceived consequences, benefits, and acute and enduring subjective effects
Findings indicate that the mescaline in any form may produce a psychedelic experience that is associated with the spiritual significance and improvements in the mental health with low potential for abuse.
The frontiers of new psychedelic therapies: A survey of sociological themes and issues
A sociological lens on clinical psychedelic therapies is offered and three areas of sociological interest are critically examined: the of role advocacy in the advancement of scientific research and the destigmatisation of psychedelics; issues related to the medicalisation and pharmaceuticalisation; and integration into healthcare systems.
Right-Wing Psychedelia: Case Studies in Cultural Plasticity and Political Pluripotency
It is suggested that the historical record supports the concept of psychedelics as “politically pluripotent,” non-specific amplifiers of the political set and setting, and shows that conservative, hierarchy-based ideologies are able to assimilate psychedelic experiences of interconnection.
Psychedelics and virtual reality: parallels and applications
It is proposed that VR may be a useful tool for preparing hallucinogen-naïve participants in clinical trials for the sensory distortions experienced in psychedelic states and how VR could be used to optimize the environment in psychedelic sessions.
Psychedelic crossings: American mental health and LSD in the 1970s
This study draws on archival materials, medical literature and popular culture to understand the dynamics of psychedelic crossings as a means of engendering a fresh approach to cultural and countercultural-based healthcare during the 1970s.
100 years of mescaline
  • M. Jay
  • Psychology
    Monatshefte für Chemie - Chemical Monthly
  • 2019
In the hundred years since Ernst Späth’s synthesis of mescaline, it has been used in clinical research for many purposes, including the study of hallucinations, creativity, and schizophrenia. After