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Mertensia virginica (L.) Pers. ex Link

  title={Mertensia virginica (L.) Pers. ex Link},
  author={Gordon C. Tucker},
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Vascular Flora and Ecological Community Assessment of the Blue Ridge Center for Environmental Stewardship, Loudoun County, Virginia
ABSTRACT A floristic survey and analysis of community composition were conducted at the Blue Ridge Center for Environmental Stewardship (BRCES) in Loudoun County, Virginia during 2017 and 2018. BRCES
Floristics of the Abrams Creek Wetlands, a Calcareous Fen Complex in Winchester City and Frederick County, Virginia
ABSTRACT  The 24-ha Abrams Creek Wetlands (Winchester City and Frederick County, Virginia) is an array of fen, swamp, and disturbed transitional ecosystems underlain by limestone and dolostone
A Summary of the Novelties Proposed in the Journal Rhodora (1899–2014) with Their Exact Dates of Publication
Abstract Dates of publication are given for each novelty proposed in the New England Botanical Club’s journal Rhodora from volume 1, part 1, to volume 116, part 968. All of these issues are available