Meroterpenoids from a Tropical Dysidea sp. Sponge.

  title={Meroterpenoids from a Tropical Dysidea sp. Sponge.},
  author={Chang-Kwon Kim and Jung-Kyun Woo and Seong-Hwan Kim and Eunji Cho and Y. B. Lee and H S Lee and Chung Ja Sim and Dong-Chan Oh and Ki-bong Oh and Jongheon Shin},
  journal={Journal of natural products},
  volume={78 11},
Six new meroterpenoids (1-6), along with arenarol (7), a known rearranged drimane sesquiterpene hydroquinone, were isolated from a Dysidea sp. sponge collected from the Federated States of Micronesia. On the basis of the results of combined spectroscopic analysis, compound 1 was determined to be the cyclic ether derivative of 7, whereas 2 and 3 were assigned as the corresponding sesquiterpene quinones containing taurine-derived substituents. Compounds 4-6 possess a novel tetracyclic skeleton… CONTINUE READING