Mercury species in the liver of ringed seals.

  title={Mercury species in the liver of ringed seals.},
  author={R Wagemann and Ewa Trębacz and Gail Boila and W. Lyle Lockhart},
  journal={The Science of the total environment},
  volume={261 1-3},
Four types of mercury species, namely, methylmercury, organic mercury other than methylmercury, inorganic mercury, and insoluble mercury, deemed to be mercuric selenide (HgSe), were found in the liver of 45 ringed seals from the Canadian Arctic. On average, methylmercury, at 2%, made up the smallest fraction of the total mercury in the liver of these animals. Of the total mercury concentration in seal liver, 53% was insoluble mercury, estimated to be largely mercuric selenide. Other workers… CONTINUE READING
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