Mercury in the bivalve Anadara (Senilia) senilis from Ghana and Nigeria.

  title={Mercury in the bivalve Anadara (Senilia) senilis from Ghana and Nigeria.},
  author={Claude R Joiris and M I Azokwu and Fred A. Otchere and Issam Ben Ali},
  journal={The Science of the total environment},
  volume={224 1-3},
Samples of the bivalve Anadara (Senilia) senilis collected from a closed lagoon (Sakumo) and two open lagoons in Ghana (Benya and Ningo; n = 550), and the Bonny river estuary in Nigeria (n = 620), were analyzed for their total and organic mercury content. Total mercury concentration showed significant spatial differences, with median values of 0.1 microgram/g dry wt. in the closed lagoon, 0.2 in the estuary and 0.3 in the open lagoons. Concentration tended to be higher during the dry season in… CONTINUE READING