Mercury exposures in riverside Amazon communities in Pará, Brazil.

  title={Mercury exposures in riverside Amazon communities in Par{\'a}, Brazil.},
  author={Elisabeth Santos and I M Jesus and Ed{\'i}lson da Silva Brabo and Edvaldo Carlos Brito Loureiro and A F Mascarenhas and Judith Weirich and Volney de Magalh{\~a}es C{\^a}mara and David Cleary},
  journal={Environmental research},
  volume={84 2},
Cross-sectional studies were conducted in three riverside communities in the state of Pará in the Amazon Region of Brazil. Two of these communities, Brasília Legal and São Luís do Tapajós, are located in a watershed exposed to mercury pollution from artisanal gold mining, and the third, Santana do Ituqui, is outside this area. The studies were based upon a community census and included all persons volunteering for participation in each community. All participants were surveyed by questionnaire… 

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Mercury in Fish-eating Communities of the Andean Amazon, Napo River Valley, Ecuador

The study shows that sociocultural factors are important in determining mercury exposure, and two village communities consume different species of fish with different frequencies, leading to differential exposure and mercury concentrations in hair samples.

[Neurological manifestations in riverine populations from areas exposed to mercury in the Brazilian Amazon].

Evaluation of mercury exposure and sensory symptoms in adults from three riverine communities in Pará State, Brazil concluded that despite the mercury exposure levels, there was a low frequency of sensory alterations according to conventional neurological testing.

Mercury Speciation in Hair of Children in Three Communities of the Amazon, Brazil

Levels of mercury above the limit established by the World Health Organization and the strong correlation coefficient between the communities suggests the hair as an excellent biomarker of human exposure to organic mercury in riverside populations of the Tapajós, which has the intake of fish daily as main source of protein dietary.

Mercury exposure of children living in Amazonian villages: influence of geographical location where they lived during prenatal and postnatal development.

Birth geographical location has association to mercury levels in the hair of children who lived in a same community with history of mercury exposure.

Hair mercury levels in Amazonian populations: spatial distribution and trends

Hair mercury levels in the Amazonian regions seem to be very heterogenic, depending on several factors, and there is no obvious spatial trend and there are many areas that have never been studied.

Mercury and methylmercury concentration assessment in children's hair from Manaus, Amazonas state, Brazil

Future studies to set Hg and MeHg levels in hair of children in Brazil should take into account and assess the diversity of the country, mainly in terms of eating habits, socio-economic and cultural aspects.

Mercury and selenium concentrations in hair samples of women in fertile age from Amazon riverside communities.




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Mercury and methylmercury in fish and human hair from the Tapajós river basin, Brazil.

Human exposure to mercury due to goldmining in the Tapajos River basin, Amazon, Brazil: Speciation of mercury in human hair, blood and urine

To obtain the basic information on human exposure to mercury (Hg) due to gold mining activities in Amazon, total mercury (T-Hg) and methylmercury (MeI Ig) were determined for human hair, blood and/or

Methylmercury in fish and hair samples from the Balbina Feservoir, Brazilian Amazon.

The present study aimed to evaluate methylmercury in fish and human hair samples from an important hydroelectrical reservoir, Balbina (Brazil, Amazon). It presents a quite intense fishing activity

Methylmercury neurotoxicity in Amazonian children downstream from gold mining.

Although average exposure levels may not have changed during recent years, prenatal exposure levels are unknown, and exact dose relationships cannot be generated, however, the current mercury pollution seems sufficiently severe to cause adverse effects on brain development.

Diagnóstico das condições de saúde de uma comunidade garimpeira na região do Rio Tapajós, Itaituba, Pará, Brasil, 1992

O objetivo do trabalho foi conhecer as condicoes de vida e de saude de uma comunidade garimpeira e, particularmente, a superposicao da contaminacao Mercurial com outros agravos. Foi realizada no

Mercury pollution from deforestation

Human exposure to mercury due to mining in the Amazon , Brazil ; a review

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