Mercury exposure and elimination rates in captive bottlenose dolphins.

  title={Mercury exposure and elimination rates in captive bottlenose dolphins.},
  author={Marco Nigro and A de P Campana and Enrica Lanzillotta and Romano Ferrara},
  journal={Marine pollution bulletin},
  volume={44 10},
Mercury concentrations in fish, faeces and exhaled air were investigated in order to evaluate total mercury exposure through the gut in captive bottlenose dolphin and excretion via intestine and pulmonary routes. Results showed that faeces account for elimination of 34-48% of dietary mercury; while only 0.9-1.2% of alimentary mercury is eliminated through exhaled air. The remaining 51.2-65.3% of ingested mercury, ranging approximately between 266 and 339 microg per day, is retained within the… CONTINUE READING