Mercury contamination in fish from Santarém, Pará, brazil.

  title={Mercury contamination in fish from Santar{\'e}m, Par{\'a}, brazil.},
  author={A P de Souza Lima and R C Sarkis M{\"u}ller and Jorge Eduardo de Souza Sarkis and C Nahum Alves and M H da Silva Bentes and Ed{\'i}lson da Silva Brabo and Eidy de Oliveira Santos},
  journal={Environmental research},
  volume={83 2},
This paper reports on total mercury concentrations in edible tissue from 11 fish species caught in the Municipality of Santarém, Tapajós River Basin, Pará State, which are most consumed by the local population and investigates the influence of the distance between the goldmining areas and Santarém city on fish contamination by mercury. It was found that the carnivorous species reached an average of 222.1 ng.g(-1) (n=69), higher than the herbivorous species with 31.9 ng.g(-1) (n=30) and the… CONTINUE READING

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