Mercury, cadmium and lead levels in samples of the main traded fish and shellfish species in Galicia, Spain

  title={Mercury, cadmium and lead levels in samples of the main traded fish and shellfish species in Galicia, Spain},
  author={S. L. Blanco and J. C. Gonz{\'a}lez and J. Vieites},
  journal={Food Additives \& Contaminants: Part B},
  pages={15 - 21}
The presence of mercury, cadmium and lead has been studied in raw and processed fish and shellfish of the main traded species in Galicia (Spain) from at least 40 commercial outlets between January 2002 and October 2003. The results show that, according to European legislation, the products on the market are generally “safe”, although the high levels of mercury in swordfish and shark are notable, with 22% of samples (n = 37) over the limit. We also indicate the relatively important contribution… Expand

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