Mentors of Diversity: A Tribute

  title={Mentors of Diversity: A Tribute},
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A People's History of Art Therapy
The following research examined a survey on the identity and feelings of inclusion among alumni of Loyola Marymount University’s Marriage and Family Therapy with Specialization Training in Art
Art Therapy Students of Color: The Experience of Seven Graduate Students
Abstract This qualitative study addressed the problem of lack of racial and ethnic diversity in American graduate art therapy programs. Seven current art therapy students or recent graduates of color
What are You All Going to Do to Keep Black Women in Art Therapy?
In this viewpoint, the authors describe their impressions of a 2018 conference and the significance of participating in a learning environment that centered on arts therapists of color. Collectively,
Developing and Assessing Multicultural Competence With a Focus on Culture and Ethnicity
Abstract The search for culturally appropriate art therapy practice has historically focused on personal exploration and the infusion of a multicultural perspective in academic and applied
Developing and Assessing Multicultural Competence With a Focus on Culture and Ethnicity
Although the focus here is on racial and ethnic awareness, information is offered that can guide art therapists when working with all individuals whose perspectives, backgrounds, and life experiences differ from their own.


Contemporary Native American Women Artists: Visual Expressions of Feminism, the Environment, and Identity
C e n t u r i e s b e f o r e E u r o p e a n c o l o n i z e r s a r r i v e d on Turtle Island, Native American women were producing art in the form of basketry, pottery, quillwork, weaving, and
Women Artists of Color: A Bio-Critical Sourcebook to 20th Century Artists in the Americas
Introduction Native American Women Artists by Phoebe Farris Latin American Women Artists by Cynthia A. Sanchez African American Women Artists by Phoebe Farris, Kathryn Kramer, and Nadine Wasserman
Art Therapy with Native American Clients: Ethical and Professional Issues
Traditional healing, ethical and professional considerations, and implications for art therapists are highlighted in order to introduce professionals to the specific needs of this population.
Art and Healing for Native American Indians
This article discusses elements of the Native American Indian healing process and the significance of the arts in therapy. Until recently, most traditional healing practices were illegal in the
Counseling native americans: Guidelines for group process
Abstract This article discusses how group counseling professionals can best serve Native Americans using traditional Native American healing and spirituality. Implications for counseling and