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Mentha canadensis L.

  title={Mentha canadensis L.},
  author={Tom Clark},

Complete chloroplast genomes of two mint species (Lamiaceae) from Al-Madinah, Saudi Arabia: phylogenetic and genomic comparative analyses

Phylogenetic analysis using a total chloroplast genome DNA sequence of 17 species revealed that M. longifolia sequenced in this study did not form a sister relationship with M.Longifolia from another study, which opens a window for further investigations.

Crop Wild Relatives as Germplasm Resource for Cultivar Improvement in Mint (Mentha L.)

Plant breeders at private and public institutions are using molecular analysis to determine identity and diversity of the USDA mint collection, which can be a source for parental genes for enhancement efforts to produce hybrids, or for breeding new cultivars for agricultural production.

Genetics and Breeding of the Genus Mentha: a Model for Other Polyploid Species with Secondary Constituents

Assimilating almost a century of breeding and biotechnological methods in Mentha, two approaches stand out: γ-irradiation and controlled hybridizations in the field.