Mental toughness in sport

  title={Mental toughness in sport},
  author={Guo Chen Liew and Garry Kuan and Ngien Siong Chin and Hairul Anuar Hashim},
  journal={German Journal of Exercise and Sport Research},
Mental toughness refers to a collection of psychological characteristic which are central to optimal performance. Athletes, coaches, and sport psychologists have consistently implicated mental toughness as one of the most important psychological characteristics related to success in sports. Over the last few decades, numerous studies have been conducted to examine the role of mental toughness in sporting success. However, its conceptualization and measurement are without consensus. The purpose… Expand
Mental toughness: Promising new paradigms for the workplace
Abstract Mental toughness facilitates a psychological edge to a sports player. It helps an individual perform better than his/her opponents and strive to succeed under pressure. Although itsExpand
A Study on Mental toughness Dimensions of Cricket Players at Different Level of Competition based on the Seven-Factor Model
Background: Mental toughness refers to the collection of psychological factor that is essential for proper functioning of mind. Cricket is considered a mental game among elite level performers.Expand
Mental toughness in sport: The Goal-Expectancy-Self-Control (GES) model
Abstract Mental toughness (MT) has gained considerable attention in sport as an important factor for achieving goals in the presence of varying degrees of pressure, adversity or obstacles. DespiteExpand
Determining Factors of Psychological Performance and Differences among Age Categories in Youth Football Players
Within the determining factors of psychological performance, mental toughness is considered a multidimensional factor, comprising cognitive, affective, and behavioural components together withExpand
Academic success: the role of mental toughness in predicting and creating success
ABSTRACT Research examining the links between Mental Toughness, Positive and Negative Affect and Academic Success was presented at the Annual Higher Education STEM Conference (HEA STEM). The resultsExpand
Prediction of the mental toughness of the athletes based on personality traits
  • Ivana Zubić
  • Psychology
  • Zbornik radova Filozofskog fakulteta u Pristini
  • 2021
The aim of this research is to examine the connection between mental toughness of athletes and their personality traits. The research sample consists of 100 athletes who participate in sportsExpand
Can athletes be tough yet compassionate to themselves? Practical implications for NCAA mental health best practice no. 4
Investigating SC, MT, and MH in a NCAA environment for the first time and providing practical suggestions for MH best practice No.4 found MT, SC (including mindfulness), and MH were positively correlated and males scored higher than females on all three scales. Expand
Exploring the Complex Relationship between Posttraumatic Growth, Sport, and Athletes with Acquired Disabilities
Posttraumatic growth has received growing attention in the past decades, partly due to the rise of positive psychology. The idea of what does not kill us makes us stronger is age-old; however, onlyExpand
When anxiety becomes my propeller: Mental toughness moderates the relation between academic anxiety and academic avoidance.
The results challenge the proposition that all students with higher domain-specific anxiety are more likely to avoid learning altogether in that domain and suggest higher academic anxiety is associated with more time investment in afterschool learning in mentally tough students. Expand
How do mentally tough athletes overcome self-directed anger, shame, and criticism? A self-forgiveness mediation analysis
In this study, we examined associations among mental toughness, negative emotions and cognition, and self-forgiveness. A sample of 343 competitive tennis players (Mage = 17.56, SD = 2.37) completedExpand


Mental toughness in sport: A review
Abstract Athletes, coaches, and applied sports psychologists have consistently referred to mental toughness as one of the most important psychological characteristics related to outcomes and successExpand
The nature of mental toughness in sport
This study investigated the components of mental toughness as reported by 131 expert coaches and 160 elite athletes from 31 sport codes. The written statements of coaches and athletes were analysedExpand
A review and conceptual re-examination of mental toughness: Implications for future researchers
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What Is This Thing Called Mental Toughness? An Investigation of Elite Sport Performers
The literature on mental toughness is characterized by a general lack of conceptual clarity and consensus as to its definition, as well as a general failure to operationalize the construct in aExpand
The development and maintenance of mental toughness: Perceptions of elite performers
It was reported that once mental toughness had been developed, three perceived underlying mechanisms were required to maintain this construct: a desire and motivation to succeed that was insatiable and internalized, a support network that included sporting and non-sporting personnel, and effective use of basic and advanced psychological skills. Expand
Defining and Understanding Mental Toughness within Soccer
Despite the widespread use of the term “mental toughness” by performers, coaches and sport psychology consultant’s alike, it is only recently that researchers (e.g., Jones, Hanton, & Connaughton,Expand
Understanding mental toughness in Australian soccer: Perceptions of players, parents, and coaches
A winning mentality and desire was identified as a key attribute of mentally tough soccer players in addition to other previously reported qualities such as self-belief, physical toughness, work ethic/motivation, and resilience. Expand
Mental toughness and hardiness at different levels of rugby league
Abstract The increasingly business-like environment of professional sport has resulted in greater scrutiny and analysis of players’ performance. The roles of physiological parameters in predictingExpand
The Psychological Performance Inventory: Is the mental toughness test tough enough?
Mental toughness, stemming in part from Loehr's 1986 classic research, is widely alluded to as a critical variable in the popular media and applied sport psychology. We evaluated the constructExpand
Developing a test for mental toughness : the Mental Toughness Inventory (MTI)
The Mental Toughness Inventory (MTI) is a 67-item self-report paper and pencil test that assesses 12 characteristics of mental toughness (self-efficacy, potential, mental self-concept, taskExpand