Mental Object Rotation and Egocentric Body Transformation: Two Dissociable Processes?

  title={Mental Object Rotation and Egocentric Body Transformation: Two Dissociable Processes?},
  author={C. Jola and F. Mast},
  journal={Spatial Cognition & Computation},
  pages={217 - 237}
  • C. Jola, F. Mast
  • Published 2005
  • Computer Science
  • Spatial Cognition & Computation
  • An important question in studies on mental rotation is whether the mental object rotation and the egocentric body transformation rely on dissociable mechanisms. We tested non-dancers and professional dancers as experts in the mental object rotation task (MORT, 3D-cubes used by Shepard & Metzler, 1971) and the mental body transformation task (MBRT, line drawings of human bodies similar to those used by Parsons, 1987). The cubes and body figures were presented in exactly the same rotation… CONTINUE READING

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