Mental Health of Hospital Consultants: the Effect of Stress and Satisfaction at Work

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Stres i posljedice stresa liječnika onkologa
Radni ili profesionalni stres označava nesuglasje između zahtjeva radnog mjesta i okoline spram naših mogućnosti, želja i očekivanja da tim zahtjevima udovoljimo (1). Nisu sva zanimanja podjednako
Sources of Work-Stress among Hospital-Staff at the Saudi MOH
The level of work-stress among the MOH hospital staff seems to be high, with insufficient technical facilities, absence of appreciation, long working hours, and short breaks, and the older the employee and the more experience he/she has the less work- stress is experienced.
Organizational Role Stress among Health Care Professionals in Mumbai (India)
The study showed that Inter-role distance is most significant source or factor causing role stress among the Health Care Professionals working in the government hospital.
Protokolljavaslat halálhír közlésére a sürgősségi betegellátásban
ekintettel arra, hogy a sürgősségi osztályra kerülő betegek mintegy 0,5-0,7%-a hal meg, gyakorlatilag órákkal a felvétel után, így számolni kell azzal, hogy az ellátóknak gyakran kell rossz hírt
Profesionalni stres i sindrom izgaranja u djelatnika intenzivne psihijatrijske skrbi i hitne medicine
Zadnjih desetljeca se puno istražuje i govori o stresu na radnom mjestu koji je povezan s fizickim, psihickim ili socijalnim odgovorom, tj. disfun
Title: Problems And Prospects Of Women Doctors In The Age Of Technology: A Sociological Study In Assam
It was found that due to various problems such as lack of crèche facilities, lack of part time work, negative attitude of male colleagues towards them, problems in promotion and training, health problems during the maternity period and menstruation, some women doctors even felt stress and depression which affected their profession.
Perbedaan Burnout Ditinjau dari Big Five Personality Perawat IGD Rumah Sakit di Kota Medan
Burnout merupakan permasalahan yang berkembang dalam seluruh ketenaga kerjaan baik di Indonesia maupun di luar negeri. Burnout adalah istilah yang menggambarkan kondisi emosional seseorang yang
Variation of Elastic Energy Shows Reliable Signal of Upcoming Catastrophic Failure
We consider the Equal-Load-Sharing Fiber Bundle Model as a model for composite materials under stress and derive elastic energy and damage energy as a function of strain. With gradual increase of
Exploring the Opinion of Bulgarian Dentists and Students of Dental Medicine About the Role of Communication in the Treatment of “Difficult Patients” in the Dental Practice
  • V. Aleksandrova
  • Medicine
    Scholarly Journal of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences
  • 2018
There is a statistically significant difference in some of the categories, comparing the results before and after communication training: after the training the share of students who define anxious patients as “very difficult” increases from 34.92% ± 4.25 to 51.27% ± 3.27 ( p <0.01; u = 2.01).