Mental Health Concerns for Indian Women

  title={Mental Health Concerns for Indian Women},
  author={Sarah Basu},
  journal={Indian Journal of Gender Studies},
  pages={127 - 136}
  • S. Basu
  • Published 25 January 2012
  • Psychology
  • Indian Journal of Gender Studies
This article studies the mental health problems of women, especially in the Indian context. As per World Health Organization (WHO) estimates, depression is expected to be the second largest contributor to disease burden by 2020, and with one in every three women worldwide being afflicted by common mental disorders including depression, the mental health of women is a serious issue indeed. While studying the psychological construct of mental health, we come to understand that it is deeply… 

Study on the mental health of women in a district of Assam, India with special reference to their urban-rural family background and marital status

The study reveals that a large majority of women have possessed average mental health and there is a significant difference between the urban and the rural women in mental health but no differences are found between married and single women on this area.

A study on the mental health problems faced by women residing in urban and rural areas of Kamrup District of Assam, India.

  • Sangeeta Das
  • Medicine
    The Clarion- International Multidisciplinary Journal
  • 2019
A study was conducted on mental health problems faced by women residing in urban & rural areas of Kamrup District of Assam, India, where the investigator on several occasions noticed women being subject to exploitation as a result of which they had to go through a lot ofmental health problems.

Self Construal and Mental Health of Women in India

The present paper discusses the nature of self and its relationship with the mental health problems in women. Data were collected through in-depth interviews. Twenty women in the age range of 30 to

Triple Burden of Mental Illness on Women: Illness, Stigmatization and Abandonment

The article critically reviews the provisions of Hindu Marriage Act, with respect to persons with mental illness, and policy gaps have been identified and recommendations for future have been presented.

Evaluation of the Prevalence and Contributing Factors of Psychological Intimate Partner Violence in Infertile Women

According to the results of this study, rate of psychological IPV in infertile women was relatively high and it is recommended that healthcare providers implement screening programs for the prevention of psychologicalIPV and the associated risk factors during infertility treatments.

Effect of Gender on Mental Health status of Elderly People

Female elderly people were found more mentally healthy than male and there if significant difference between male and female in this study.

"Even I Have a Negative Gaze": How Depressive Patients Conceptualize Stigma Experiences

"Objective – This study aims to explore the differences in mental health stigma experiences between male and female patients while undertaking the mental health care. Methodology/Technique – The

Prevention of Violence Against Women Through Improving the Quality of Life of Women in Indonesia

One of the visions, missions and directions of the President of Indonesia is to improve the quality of the Indonesian people, through the development of human resources, including women. On the other

Psychological Morbidity among Married Women of Reproductive Age Group Living In Rural Jammu: A Cross Sectional Study

Methods: This was a field-based cross-sectional study conducted in village Tanda of R.S.Pura Block, Jammu district. Using purposive sampling, 197 eligible women who agreed to participate were



Contextualizing mental health: gendered experiences in a Mumbai slum

Focusing on the social and environmental context of the mental health of communities, rather than psychiatric disorders affecting individuals, findings are broadly applicable and sorely needed to guide the development of locally appropriate community mental health programmes.

Women's health: dimensions and differentials.

Poverty and common mental disorders in developing countries.

A review of English-language journals published since 1990 and three global mental health reports identified 11 community studies on the association between poverty and common mental disorders in six

Women, poverty and common mental disorders in four restructuring societies.

Physical and mental health effects of intimate partner violence for men and women.

Lives in Stress: Women and Depression

Depression is a problem faced by many people; research has shown that women compose the higher proportion of those identified as suffering from depression. Lives in Stress identifies what it is that

Epidemiology of women and depression.

  • R. Kessler
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    Journal of affective disorders
  • 2003

Relationships between poverty and psychopathology: a natural experiment.

An income intervention that moved families out of poverty for reasons that cannot be ascribed to family characteristics had a major effect on some types of children's psychiatric disorders, but not on others.

Gender differences in depression. Critical review.

Determinants of gender differences in depressive disorders are far from being established and their combination into integrated aetiological models continues to be lacking.