Menstrual cycle, arousal-induction, and intelligence test performance.

  title={Menstrual cycle, arousal-induction, and intelligence test performance.},
  author={Venkata Ramana Kumari and Philip J. Corr},
  journal={Psychological reports},
  volume={78 1},
Regularly menstruating students (aged 19 to 25 yr.) were tested in the morning under high and low arousal-induction conditions (with time-pressure instructions vs without time-pressure instructions) during either midcycle (n = 16 or menstruation phase (n = 16) to study the interactive effects of menstrual phases and time-pressure stress-induced arousal on intelligence test scores on Raven's Standard Progressive Matrices and Hundal's General Mental Ability Test. A crossover interactive effect of… CONTINUE READING

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