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Improving the quality of life in menopausal women. An overview of menopausal hormone therapy possibilities
The authors of this work provide an overview of possibilities for MHT for the treatment and prevention of conditions associated with estrogen deficiency in menopause.
Uterine fibroids in menopause and perimenopause.
Uterine fibroids are benign tumors that arise from a single genetically altered mesenchymal stem cell under the influence of gonadal hormones and may have deleterious effects on fertility.
Menopause-Associated Lipid Metabolic Disorders and Foods Beneficial for Postmenopausal Women
Dietary recommendations and beneficial compounds, such as vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, phytochemicals—and their food sources—are discussed to aid the management of abnormal lipid metabolism in postmenopausal women.
Eating disorders and their relationship with menopausal phases among a sample of middle-aged Lebanese women
The study showed that menopausal stages are associated with some disordered eating behaviors (binge eating and orthorexia nervosa) among middle-aged women and may serve as a first step towards spreading awareness among women within this age group regarding eating attitudes.
Doctor, ask your perimenopausal patient about her physical fitness; association of self-reported physical fitness with cardiometabolic and mental health in perimenopausal women: the FLAMENCO project.
Self-reported PF was associated with better cardiometabolic and mental health in perimenopausal women and the IFIS might be proposed as an inexpensive, quick, and easy tool in clinical settings.
Associations of phthalate exposure and endogenous hormones with self-reported sleep disruptions: results from the Midlife Women's Health Study.
This study supports previous literature that hormones beyond follicle-stimulating hormone and E2 are associated with sleep disruptions in menopause and is among the first to show that phthalate exposure is associated withSleep disruptions in midlife women.
Circadian preference and its relationship with possible sleep and awake bruxism in adults assisted by the public health system
Compared with the evening circadian preference, the morning circadian preference was associated with greater protection against possible SB in an adult population assisted by the FHS.
Quercetin and vitamin E alleviate ovariectomy‐induced osteoporosis by modulating autophagy and apoptosis in rat bone cells
Q, and to a lesser extent, vitE, prevented osteoporosis by regulating the total number of bone cells, maybe through regulating autophagy and apoptosis.
Menopause: up the stairs leading down


Practice Bulletin No. 141: Management of Menopausal Symptoms
  • C. Gracia
  • Medicine, Psychology
    Obstetrics and gynecology
  • 2014
The purpose of this document is to provide evidence-based guidelines for the treatment of vasomotor and vaginal symptoms related to natural and surgical menopause.
Complementary and Alternative Approaches to Menopause.
  • Maida Taylor
  • Medicine
    Endocrinology and metabolism clinics of North America
  • 2015
Vasomotor symptoms resulting from natural menopause: a systematic review and network meta‐analysis of treatment effects from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence guideline on menopause
Vasomotor symptoms (VMSs) are the hallmarks of menopause, occurring in approximately 75% of postmenopausal women in the UK, and are severe in 25%.
The Recent Review of the Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause
The GSM may have a profound negative impact on the quality of life of postmenopausal women, women should be made aware of these problems and treated with an appropriate effective therapy.
Bioidentical hormone therapy.
Compounded bioidentical HT is defined and the similarities and differences between it and US Food and Drug Administration-approved HT are explored.
Sleep Disorders in Postmenopausal Women.
More potent melatonin analogs with prolonged effects and slow-release melatonin preparations have been developed and were found effective in increasing total sleep time and sleep efficiency as well as in reducing sleep latency in insomnia patients.
Change in sexual functioning over the menopausal transition: results from the Study of Women's Health Across the Nation
Decline in sexual function became apparent 20 months before FMP and slowed 1 year after FMP through 5 years afterward, and was smaller in African Americans and larger in Japanese than whites.