Meningococcal disease epidemiology and control in New Zealand.

  title={Meningococcal disease epidemiology and control in New Zealand.},
  author={Nick Wilson and Michael F. Baker and Diana Molero Martin and Diana Lennon and Jane M O'Hallahan and Nathan Brian Jones and Jay Wenger and Osman Mansoor and Mark Thomas and Craig Jefferies},
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Epidemiology, surveillance and research New Zealand has a high quality surveillance system for meningococcal disease that successfully integrates notification and laboratory data. Since 1991, New Zealand has had elevated incidence rates of meningococcal disease rising to 6.2 per 100,000 population in 1994. This represents a rate that is four times that recorded in 1989/90. Serogroup B infection predominates and international experience suggests that these elevated rates may continue for 5 to 15… CONTINUE READING