Meningiomas of the anterior cranial fossa floor. Review of 67 cases.

  title={Meningiomas of the anterior cranial fossa floor. Review of 67 cases.},
  author={Giorgio Rubin and U Ben David and Michael Gornish and Z Harry Rappaport},
  journal={Acta neurochirurgica},
  volume={129 1-2},
The authors report 67 cases of meningioma of the anterior cranial fossa floor treated surgically between 1978 and 1992. The olfactory groove and tuberculum sellae were the most frequent locations. Mean duration of the clinical history was 30 months. Seventy-three percent of the tumors were large (> 4 cm). All patients were examined with computed tomography and 18 with magnetic resonance imaging as well. Complete removal was performed in 56 cases (84%); in the remaining 11 (16%), partial removal… CONTINUE READING


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