Meningioma grading: an analysis of histologic parameters.

  title={Meningioma grading: an analysis of histologic parameters.},
  author={Archie C Perry and Scott L. Stafford and Bernd Walter Scheithauer and Vera J. Suman and Christine Marie Lohse},
  journal={The American journal of surgical pathology},
  volume={21 12},
Histologic grading of meningiomas has prognostic and sometimes therapeutic implications, but diagnostic criteria for atypical meningioma are vague, and the significance of brain invasion in the determination of malignancy remains controversial. We reviewed our experience with 581 patients whose meningiomas were resected at Mayo Clinic during the years 1978 through 1988. All patients were followed until death or a median of 9.0 years. Ten histologic parameters were assessed and compared with… CONTINUE READING