Meningeal chondrosarcomatous tumor associated with meningocytic differentiation.

  title={Meningeal chondrosarcomatous tumor associated with meningocytic differentiation.},
  author={Yoichi Katayama and Tsunehisa Tsubokawa and Seiken Maejima and Shin-ichi Satoh and Tatsuo Sawada},
  journal={Surgical neurology},
  volume={28 5},
Most meningeal chondrosarcomatous tumors have been regarded as identical to similar tumors occurring elsewhere in the body. The neoplasm reported here, however, clearly demonstrated transitions between usual meningiomas and chondrosarcomatous tumors. The present case thus provides evidence in support of Cushing's and Eisenhardt's proposal that some meningeal chondrosarcomatous tumors are derived from meningeal cells and are histogenetically related to meningiomas. 

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