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Men and gender equality

  title={Men and gender equality},
  author={Michael Flood},
Men’s roles in building gender equality are currently on the public agenda. Across the globe, there are growing efforts to engage men and boys in building more equitable relations with women and girls. Programs that engage with men have proliferated in fields such as violence prevention, sexual and reproductive health, parenting, education, and work. The last decade has seen the emergence of national and global campaigns, initiatives by international agencies, and scholarly research. Engaging… Expand
KEYNOTE LECTURE Gender and Sexuality Stream, Sociological Association of Aotearoa New Zealand Conference 2015: The Turn to Men in Gender Politics
IntroductionThere has recently been a 'turn to men' in gender politics, an increasing emphasis on the roles that men can play in building gender equality. The turn to men has two overlappingExpand
Systematic Gender Violence and the Rule of Law: Aboriginal Communities in Australia and Post-War Liberia
The gender-agenda is borderless. Arguably, legal justice for Indigenous girls and women survivors of violence is unfair, inequitable, and sometimes arbitrary. Systematic violence against girls andExpand
Comrades in the Struggle? Feminist Women Prefer Male Allies Who Offer Autonomy- not Dependency-Oriented Help
Feminist women view feminist men who take a backseat and offer partial help (i.e., autonomy-oriented support) as better allies than those who attempt to solve the problem themselves and who imposeExpand


Engaging Men and Boys in Advancing Women's Agency : Where We Stand and New Directions
Despite advances in gender equality, women and girls still face disadvantages and limits on their agency. Men and boys can be key stakeholders and allies to increase women's agency. This paperExpand
Context, Challenges, and Tensions in Global Efforts to Engage Men in the Prevention of Violence against Women
Describing findings regarding challenges associated with men’s engagement programming are presented from in-depth interviews with twenty-nine representatives of organizations that engage men and boys in preventing violence against women and girls in Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania, and North and South America. Expand
Men’s Perceptions of Women’s Rights and Changing Gender Relations in South Africa
Emerging out of increased attention to gender equality within violence and HIV prevention efforts in South African society has been an intensified focus on masculinities. Garnering a deeperExpand
Engaging men and boys in changing gender-based inequity in health: Evidence from programme interventions.
This review assessed the effectiveness of programmes seeking to engage men and boys in achieving gender equality and equity in health and was driven by the following questions. What is the evidenceExpand
Gender-Transformative Interventions to Reduce HIV Risks and Violence with Heterosexually-Active Men: A Review of the Global Evidence
The evidence suggests that gender-transformative interventions can increase protective sexual behaviors, prevent partner violence, modify inequitable attitudes, and reduce STI/HIV, though further trials are warranted, particularly in establishing STI-HIV impacts. Expand
Changing men: Masculinities in context
Have men changed? Can men change? Will men change? Repetitively, boringly, gloomily, these questions have been raised again and again in popular and scholarly debate over the last year or so,Expand
International Men and Gender Equality Survey (IMAGES)
The International Men and Gender Equality Survey (IMAGES) is a comprehensive household questionnaire on men’s attitudes and practices – along with women’s opinions and reports of men’s practices – onExpand
Global Efforts to Engage Men in Preventing Violence Against Women
A large and diverse global community working to engage men in preventing violence against women is revealed, from locally contained organizations to global collaborations. Expand
Rethinking the Significance of Attitudes in Preventing Men's Violence against Women
The concept of attitudes has been an important component of campaigns to address men's violence against women. Attitudes have been examined in relation to men's perpetration of violence, women'sExpand
What is hegemonic masculinity?
A developing debate within the growing theoretical literature on men and masculinity concerns the relationship of gender systems to the social formation. Crucially at issue is the question of theExpand