Men and Abortion: A Review of Empirical Reports Concerning the Impact of Abortion on Men

  title={Men and Abortion: A Review of Empirical Reports Concerning the Impact of Abortion on Men},
  author={Catherine T. Coyle},
  journal={The Internet Journal of Family Practice},
  • C. T. Coyle
  • Published 31 December 2006
  • Psychology
  • The Internet Journal of Family Practice
Research concerning elective abortion has focused on women. However, as men are involved in conception and termination, they may also be affected by abortion. Empirical reports concerning the psychological impact of elective abortion on men are reviewed. Common findings suggest ambivalent reactions including relief, grief, and sadness, a desire on the part of men to support their partners, and a need for counseling programs for the male partners of women undergoing abortion. Avenues for future… Expand

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