Men Who Have Sex with Transgender Women: Challenges to Category-based HIV Prevention

  title={Men Who Have Sex with Transgender Women: Challenges to Category-based HIV Prevention},
  author={Don Operario and Jennifer Burton and Kristen Underhill and Jae M. Sevelius},
  journal={AIDS and Behavior},
Although transgender women are acknowledged as a priority population for HIV prevention, there is little knowledge on men who have sex with transgender women (MSTGWs). MSTGWs challenge conventional sexual orientation categories in public health and HIV prevention research, and warrant increased attention from the public health community. This paper used qualitative techniques to analyze how MSTGWs describe their sexual orientation identities, and to explore the correspondence between men’s… 

HIV Prevention Among Cisgender Men Who have Sex with Transgender Women

While condom use was inconsistent, it was preferred over pre-exposure prophylaxis, in part due to medical distrust, and HIV self-testing was generally viewed unfavorably.

Exploring HIV risk behavior and sexual/gender identities among transgender women and their sexual partners in Peru using respondent-driven sampling

Investigation of characteristics and behavior of MSTW compared to transgender women and men who have sex with men (MSM) using a modified respondent-driven sampling design suggests that MSTw are a distinct population from MSM, and highlights the critical need to include M STW in HIV research and interventions.

Self-Identity, Beliefs, and Behavior Among Men Who Have Sex with Transgender Women: Implications for HIV Research and Interventions

It was found that language used to assess sexual orientation was problematic in this population, due to lack of consistency between orientation and reported behavior, and unfamiliarity with terms used to describe sexual orientation.

Relationship Stigma and HIV Risk Behavior Among Cisgender Men Partnered with Transgender Women: The Moderating Role of Sexual Identity

Ass associations between relationship stigma and HIV risk behaviors and whether these associations were moderated by sexual identity are examined and support the importance of HIV prevention approaches accounting for relationship stigma from the general public and the diverse sexual identities of men partnered with transgender women.

HIV Risk Perception, HIV Knowledge, and Sexual Risk Behaviors among Transgender Women in South Florida

More research is needed with a larger sample size to continue studying factors that contribute to sexual risk behaviors in the understudied population of transgender women.

HIV evidence report SAN FRANCISCO AIDS FOUNDATION Transgender Persons and HIV

  • Sociology
  • 2009
Around the world, transgender persons are at elevated risk for HIV infection, yet surveillance, research, programs, and policy pay little attention to transgender populations. This lack of attention

Sexual and Gender Diversity Within the Black Men Who Have Sex with Men HIV Epidemiological Category

The current paper builds upon previous critiques of the “MSM” nomenclature by delineating the sexual and gender diversity embedded in the term as it pertains specifically to Black peoples to provide a framework for HIV health policy work for Black sexual minority cisgender men (SMCM) and gender minorities (GMs).

Transgender identity and HIV: resilience in the face of stigma.

Key aspects of this oppression—including invisibility, economic hardship, stigma, and isolation—that make transgender people especially vulnerable to HIV infection and transmission are explored.

Characterizing HIV risk among cisgender men in Latin America who report transgender women as sexual partners

Future research is needed to understand CM who report transgender women as sexual partners, including their sexual preferences and practices, sexual networks, exposure to stigma, biomedical prevention interest and uptake, and acceptability of integrating alcohol abuse screening into sexual health services.



HIV risk behaviors among male-to-female transgender persons of color in San Francisco.

Findings on current risk behaviors among MTF transgender persons provided meaningful implications for HIV prevention interventions.

HIV, syphilis infection, and sexual practices among transgenders, male sex workers, and other men who have sex with men in Jakarta, Indonesia

HIV has reached substantial levels among transgender sex workers, and is not negligible in other MSM groups, meaning the threat of a wider epidemic is substantial and prevention programmes targeting male-male sex are needed.

HIV prevalence, risk behaviors, health care use, and mental health status of transgender persons: implications for public health intervention.

High HIV prevalence suggests an urgent need for risk reduction interventions for male-to-female transgender persons and recent contact with medical providers was observed, suggesting that medical providers could provide an important link to needed prevention, health, and social services.

Sexual Behavior Among Men Who have Sex with Women, Men, and Hijras in Mumbai, India—Multiple Sexual Risks

A high proportion of men who attend STI clinics in Mumbai are behaviorally bi- or tri-sexual and have multiple partners with whom they engage in risky sex.

Twenty years of public health research: inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender populations.

  • U. Boehmer
  • Medicine
    American journal of public health
  • 2002
It is supported that LGBT issues have been neglected by public health research and that research unrelated to sexually transmitted diseases is lacking.

High HIV, hepatitis C and sexual risks among drug-using men who have sex with men in northern Thailand

Northern Thai MSM–drug users are at high HIV and HCV risk, and in addition to sex risks with men, they have more sex with women and sex workers than other men, which fits Thai MSM patterns but not Western ones.

Incidence of human immunodeficiency virus among male-to-female transgendered persons in San Francisco.

HIV is currently spreading at an extremely high rate among MtF transgendered persons in San Francisco, especially those who are African Americans.

Incidence of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Among Male‐to‐Female Transgendered Persons in San Francisco

HIV is currently spreading at an extremely high rate among MtF transgendered persons in San Francisco, especially those who are African Americans.

Long-Term Effects of an HIV/STI Sexual Risk Reduction Intervention for Heterosexual Couples

The intervention was efficacious in reducing unprotected sex at 12 months post-intervention, compared with the education control group and no significant differences were observed whether couples received the intervention together or when the woman received it alone.