Men Sexually Interested in Transwomen (MSTW): Gendered Embodiment and the Construction of Sexual Desire

  title={Men Sexually Interested in Transwomen (MSTW): Gendered Embodiment and the Construction of Sexual Desire},
  author={Martin S. Weinberg and Colin J. Williams},
  journal={The Journal of Sex Research},
  pages={374 - 383}
This article extends research on transgenderism by providing a sociological study of men who are sexually interested in transwomen (MSTW; viz., genetic males who use estrogen to feminize their body but retain their penis). We conducted fieldwork in a bar catering to transwomen and the men who were sexually interested in them, and did on-the-spot interviews with the MSTW. We initially examined the nature of MSTW's sexual attraction to transwomen, followed by how this related to their sexual… 

Exploring the Desires and Sexual Culture of Men Who Have Sex with Male-to-Female Transgender Women

Although the findings from the study are not representative of the broader MSTW population, they represent an important step in amassing a body of knowledge about an understudied and underserved sex market upon which future research is needed.

The role of the illusion in the construction of erotic desire: narratives from heterosexual men who have occasional sex with transgender women

Three themes emerged that reflected how the participants defined and negotiated their sexual encounters, both psychologically through their understanding of sex with a transgender woman with a penis, and physically through the navigation of specific sex acts.

Trans-Attraction: Not Kink or Fetish, but a Legitimate Sexual Orientation*

Cisgender men who have sex with transgender women (MSTGW) are a relatively invisible population, known primarily through porn, erotica, kink, or diagnostic categorization. Labeled

Trans Women Doing Sex in San Francisco

Trans women’s agency is found constrained by the erotic habitus of the wider society and the interplay between innovation and cultural tradition provides an opportunity to fashion a more general model of “doing” sexuality.

Reconsidering male bisexuality: sexual activity role and sexual attraction in Samoan men who engage in sexual interactions with fa’afafine

In many non Western cultures, same-sex attracted males are markedly feminine in terms of their gender role presentation and are recognized as members of a "third" gender. These third gender males

“Be the Dream Queen”: Gender Performativity, Femininity, and Transgender Sex Workers in China

  • E. Tsang
  • Sociology
    International journal of environmental research and public health
  • 2021
It is argued that the 49 MTF transgender sex workers are embodiments of gendered performances, displaying femininity to ameliorate hate crimes and discrimination as well as reinforce the masculinity and sexuality of their clients and intimate sex partners.

Visualizing the Invisible: Social Constructions of Straight Identified Men Who Have Sex With Transsexuals and Feminized Gay Men On/Off Malaysian Film

This article examines an “invisible” group of Malaysian men who—although straight identified and gender socialized to eroticize and have sexual relations with natural-born females—also secretly have

Samoan Men's Sexual Attraction and Viewing Time Response to Male-to-Feminine Transgender and Cisgender Adults.

Responses to MtF transgender individuals vary among Samoan men who share a sexual preference for women, according to MSF and MSW.

Beyond the Gender Binary in Sexual Scripts?: Dating and Relationships among Transgender Men and their Non-Transgender Partners

Beyond the Gender Binary in Sexual Scripts?: Dating and Relationships among Transgender Men and their Non-Transgender Partners William Mellman Recently there has been an increase in academic

Exploring Contextual Differences for Sexual Role Strain Among Transgender Women and Men Who Have Sex with Men in Lima, Peru.

Sexual and gender politics inform relational expectations surrounding sexual experiences of Peruvian transgender women (TW) and men who have sex with men (MSM). We used the framework of sexual role



Faking Like a Woman? Towards an Interpretive Theorization of Sexual Pleasure

This article explores the possibility of developing a feminist approach to gendered and sexual embodiment which is rooted in the pragmatist/interactionist tradition derived from G.H. Mead, but which

Fantasy Island: An Ethnography of Alcohol and Gender Roles in a Latino Gay Bar

Marginalities around gender/sexuality, ethnicity, migration status, and alcohol use tend to coalesce and construct hidden populations which develop their own subcultures. Social science is becoming

The Social Organization of Desire: The Sexual Fields Approach*

Modern urban life is increasingly characterized by specialized erotic worlds designed for sexual partnership and sexual sociality. In this article, I build on sociological theory developed in areas

Dual Attraction: Understanding Bisexuality

For the past two generations, extensive research has been conducted on the determinants of homosexuality. But, until now, scant attention has been paid to what is perhaps the most mysterious-and

Perceived Risks and Benefits of Sex Work among Transgender Women of Color in San Francisco

It is revealed that transgender women of color who engage in sex work have unique needs and experiences that must be addressed through structural and social network-based interventions to minimize their vulnerability to social and public health harms.

Men with Sexual Interest in Transvestites, Transsexuals, and She-Males

Analysis of advertisement content suggested that gynandromorphophilia constitutes a distinct erotic interest.

Latino Men’s Sexual Behavior with Transgender Persons

Among Latino men who have sex with men, men with a history of sex with a transgender person appear more likely to be sexually compulsive and at greater risk for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.

Gendered Sex Work in the San Francisco Tenderloin

Examining gender differences in the work of 140 sex workers in the San Francisco Tenderloin, it is found that women do not suffer inequities of income, and transgenders are more like the men, although various aspect of their condition make for some uniquedifferences.

Theories of Sexual Stratification: Toward an Analytics of the Sexual Field and a Theory of Sexual Capital*

The American tradition of action theory failed to produce a useful theory of the possible existence of trans-individual consistencies in sexual desirability. Instead, most sociological theorists have

Bisexuals at Midlife

In the framework of a constructionist approach, a life-course point of view, and traditional concepts borrowed from identity theory, the authors report on a study of fifty-six San Francisco