Memristor bridge-based low pass filter for image processing

  title={Memristor bridge-based low pass filter for image processing},
  author={Yue Yongbin and Yang Nijing and Yang Chenyu and Nyima Tashi},
  journal={Journal of Systems Engineering and Electronics},
This paper highlights the memristor bridge-based lowpass filter (LPF) and improved image processing algorithms along with a novel adaptive Gaussian filter for denoising image and a new Gaussian pyramid for scale invariant feature transform (SIFT). First, a novel kind of LPF based on the memristor bridge is designed, whose cut-off frequency and other traits are demonstrated to change with different time and memristance. In light of the changeable parameter of the memristor bridge-based LPF, a… 
A Family of Binary Memristor-Based Low-Pass Filters With Controllable Cut-Off Frequency
A method for hot-line adjusting cut-off frequencies is newly proposed by inputting a preset DC voltage together with the to-be-filtered signal, without the requirement of extra memristance write circuits, which is hence beneficial for integrated implementation.
Behavioral Modeling of Memristor-Based Rectifier Bridge
A behavioral model is constructed that approximates nonlinear mapping of the input signal set into the output signal set and the accuracy of the modeling is increased in the case of using the piecewise polynomial with split signals.
Frugal discrete memristive device based on potassium permanganate solution
Many thin film-based devices with solid electrolytes have been studied for memristive applications. Herein, we report a simple and facile way to fabricate solution-based, low-cost, and discrete
Image Haze Removal Algorithm Using a Logarithmic Guide Filtering and Multi-Channel Prior
The experimental results carried out on the public databases demonstrate that the proposed algorithm can outperform the current state-of-the-arts, including more effective defogging, clearer visibility and richer details.
Dynamic Analysis of the Switched-Inductor Buck-Boost Converter Based on the Memristor
The chaotic phenomenon suppression method is explored by controlling peak current in continuous current mode (CCM) to keep the converter run normally and the power simulation (PSIM) verifies that the waveforms and the phase portraits controlling the corresponding parameters are consistent with those of the MATLAB simulation.
Measurements of Temperature Distribution for High Temperature Steel Plates Based on Digital Image Correlation
The temperature distribution of B1500HS at high temperature was analyzed by the designed measurement system which was in good agreement with the result from Raynger 3i Plus temperature gun, indicating that the measurement system based on image processing basically meets the requirements of temperature distribution measurement of a high temperature steel plate.


Research on low pass filter based on Memristor and memcapacitor
The paper highlights a way to introduce memristive components into the filter circuit. In light of memristor and memcapacitor, a novel low pass filter circuit (LPF) is presented. First, inspired by
A new memristor-based high-pass filter/amplifier: Its analytical and dynamical models
For the first time in the literature, a memristor-based active circuit with adjustable gain, constant cut-off frequency, and high-pass filter characteristic is examined and its dynamic and analytic models are given.
First-order memristor-capacitor filter Circuits Employing HP memristor
A comparative analysis between low pass and high pass filter circuits that utilizing ordinary resistor or memristor with a capacitor and its effects on cut-off frequencies and memory effect is provided.
A Memristor-Based Continuous-Time Digital FIR Filter for Biomedical Signal Processing
  • Yibin Hong, Y. Lian
  • Computer Science, Engineering
    IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I: Regular Papers
  • 2015
A new timing storage circuit based on memristors is proposed to delay CT digital signals in a more efficient way, especially for low-frequency biomedical applications that require very long tap delays.
Memristor Bridge Synapse-Based Neural Network and Its Learning
The use of memristor bridge synapse in the proposed architecture solves one of the major problems, regarding nonvolatile weight storage in analog neural network implementations, and a modified chip-in-the-loop learning scheme suitable for the proposed neural network architecture is proposed.
A Simple Third-Order Memristive Band Pass Filter Chaotic Circuit
This brief presents a simple third-order inductor-free memristive chaotic circuit, which is derived from a second-order active band pass filter (BPF) by replacing a resistor with an improved
Study of filter characteristics based on PWL memristor
The filter characteristics for memristor based filter is studied and it is shown that the Memristor-like properties of the filter should be studied in order to impel its implementation in real-world.
The conception of differential-input buffered and transconductance amplifier (DBTA) and its application
A novel versatile active building block the differential-input buffered and transconductance amplifier (DBTA) is proposed, which can realize four filter functions without changing the circuit topology and enables independent control of the quality factor Q using single passive element.
A new image denoising method based on Gaussian filter
A new image denoising method based on Gaussian filter and Non-local means filter that learns from the weighted average thoughts of particle filter is proposed.
‘Memristive’ switches enable ‘stateful’ logic operations via material implication
Bipolar voltage-actuated switches, a family of nonlinear dynamical memory devices, can execute material implication (IMP), which is a fundamental Boolean logic operation on two variables p and q such that pIMPq is equivalent to (NOTp)ORq.