Memory regulatory T cells reside in human skin.

  title={Memory regulatory T cells reside in human skin.},
  author={Robert Sanchez Rodriguez and Mariela L Pauli and Isaac M. Neuhaus and Siegrid S. Yu and Sarah T Arron and Hobart W. Harris and Sara Hsin-Yi Yang and Bryan A Anthony and Francis M. Sverdrup and Elisabeth Raquel Krow-Lucal and Tippi C MacKenzie and D. S. Johnson and Everett H. Meyer and Andrea L{\"o}hr and Andro R Hsu and John Koo and Wilson Liao and Rishu Gupta and Maya G Debbaneh and Daniel Paul Butler and Monica Huynh and Ethan Charles Levin and Argentina Leon and William Y. Hoffman and Mary H McGrath and Michael D. Alvarado and Connor H Ludwig and Hong-An Truong and Megan M Maurano and Iris Karina Gratz and Abul K Abbas and Michael D Rosenblum},
  journal={The Journal of clinical investigation},
  volume={124 3},
Regulatory T cells (Tregs), which are characterized by expression of the transcription factor Foxp3, are a dynamic and heterogeneous population of cells that control immune responses and prevent autoimmunity. We recently identified a subset of Tregs in murine skin with properties typical of memory cells and defined this population as memory Tregs (mTregs). Due to the importance of these cells in regulating tissue inflammation in mice, we analyzed this cell population in humans and found that… CONTINUE READING
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