Memory interference in multiple sclerosis.

  title={Memory interference in multiple sclerosis.},
  author={Stephanie Y. Griffiths and Aiko Yamamoto and Vanessa G. Boudreau and Leslie K. Ross and Elizabeth Kozora and Allen E Thornton},
  journal={Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society : JINS},
  volume={11 6},
To explore verbal memory impairments associated with multiple sclerosis (MS), we compared proactive and retroactive interference effects on the California Verbal Learning Test (CVLT; Delis et al., 1987) in a sample of 83 community-residing individuals with MS and 80 healthy participants. Individuals with MS demonstrated normal accumulation of proactive interference (PI), but attenuated release from PI relative to healthy individuals. Furthermore, accumulation of retroactive interference (RI) at… CONTINUE READING