Memory facilitation by histamine.

  title={Memory facilitation by histamine.},
  author={M A de Almeida and Ivan A. Izquierdo},
  journal={Archives internationales de pharmacodynamie et de therapie},
  volume={283 2},
The immediate posttraining intracerebroventricular administration of histamine (1 or 10, but not 0.1 or 100, ng/rat) facilitated retention test performance of step-down inhibitory avoidance behavior measured 24 hr later, in rats. The effect was antagonized by the simultaneous administration of both promethazine (1000 ng/rat) and cimetidine (1000 ng/rat), but not by either promethazine or cimetidine given alone. The antagonists had no effect of their own on behavior. The findings show that… CONTINUE READING