Memory CD8+ T cells protect dendritic cells from CTL killing.


CD8(+) T cells have been shown to be capable of either suppressing or promoting immune responses. To reconcile these contrasting regulatory functions, we compared the ability of human effector and memory CD8(+) T cells to regulate survival and functions of dendritic cells (DC). We report that, in sharp contrast to the effector cells (CTLs) that kill DCs in… (More)


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@article{Watchmaker2008MemoryCT, title={Memory CD8+ T cells protect dendritic cells from CTL killing.}, author={Payal B. Watchmaker and Julie A. Urban and Erik Berk and Yutaro Nakamura and Robbie B. Mailliard and Simon C Watkins and S. Marieke van Ham and Pawel Kalinski}, journal={Journal of immunology}, year={2008}, volume={180 6}, pages={3857-65} }