Memoirs of the Life, Writings, and Discoveries of Sir Isaac Newton: INDEX

  title={Memoirs of the Life, Writings, and Discoveries of Sir Isaac Newton: INDEX},
  author={David Sir Brewster},
Finding the Purple
This chapter begins with an analysis of crayons as a metaphor for social class before examining the typical classroom demonstration of color mixing as a primary source of student misunderstanding. ToExpand
Psychiatry, spirituality, and quantum science
It would be impossible to comprehend the complexity of a human brain by a single cell organism; similarly, it would be impossible to understand the complexity of “Reality ”or “Ultimate Truth ”by aExpand
Shakespeare's Sea and the Frontier of Knowledge
Abstract:In an age of discovery, the ocean voyage pushed back frontiers of the knowable, thereby providing a master trope for knowledge acquisition that, in Shakespeare, authorized the rupture ofExpand
Chapter Eight – Summary Overview and Conclusions
This chapter summarizes the current knowledge on transportation network vulnerability analysis and indicates the developments required for the incorporation of the analysis in transportationExpand
TORUS: Tracing Complex Requirements for Large Cyber-Physical Systems
Cyber-Physical Systems are embedded computers that control complex physical processes and components while cooperating as agents in distributed networks. Due to the scale and complexity of theExpand
Theoretical foundations for ink jet technology
Technology is science’s application in the “real” world. The reality of technology is that sometimes it doesn’t quite do what it was expected, or hoped, to do. The users of a technology do not needExpand
Gold Rush: Alchemy and the Queer Potentialities of The Scarlet Letter
What does Roger Chillingworth want? At first, the answer seems simple enough: a name. When he first emerges in The Scarlet Letter, Chillingworth requests the name of the man with whom his wife,Expand
Newton's Epistemic Triad
Uncovering the apocalypse : narratives of collapse and transformation in the 21st century Fin de Siècle
This dissertation examines the idea of apocalypse through the lens of science fiction (sf) written during the current fin de siecle period. I have dated this epoch, known as the information era, asExpand