Memoirs for the Earth: Jacquetta Hawkes’s literary experiments in deep time

  title={Memoirs for the Earth: Jacquetta Hawkes’s literary experiments in deep time},
  author={Hayden Lorimer},
  journal={Cultural Geographies},
  pages={106 - 87}
  • H. Lorimer
  • Published 2012
  • History
  • Cultural Geographies
This article is concerned with the narration of earth processes in stories of a younger world. It centres on A Land (1951), the most notable published work of Jaquetta Hawkes, archaeologist, prehistorian, writer and journalist. The land under examination is Britain, and its island story becomes her story too. The book unfolds as an unconventional geological history of regional scenery, prehistoric life and rock formations that is at the same time an impressionistic portrayal of self through the… Expand

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