Memoir of a Republican Royalist: Gouverneur Morris, Chronicler and Actor of the French Revolution

  title={Memoir of a Republican Royalist: Gouverneur Morris, Chronicler and Actor of the French Revolution},
  author={Serge Ricard},
  journal={Canadian Review of American Studies},
  pages={353 - 372}
  • S. Ricard
  • Published 10 January 2017
  • History
  • Canadian Review of American Studies
Abstract:The Paris sojourn of the author of A Diary of the French Revolution is possibly the most fascinating period of his eventful life. As George Washington's informant and emissary (official and unofficial) in both Paris and London, Gouverneur Morris discreetly contributed to the United States' policy toward France and England. Upon his arrival in Paris in February 1789, Morris became the privileged witness of the outbreak of the French Revolution, of which he would become an invaluable… 
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