Memes, Minds and Evolution

  title={Memes, Minds and Evolution},
  author={David Holdcroft and Harry A. Lewis},
  pages={161 - 182}
It has been claimed, notably by Dawkins and Dennett, that there are units of cultural evolution, called ‘memes’, whose survival is explicable in terms of Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection. They also play an important part in Dennett's theory of consciousness. Memes are distinct memorable units, not atoms, which have vehicles, and whose success depends on the ability of those vehicles to multiply. We argue that even if the theory of memes is structurally isomorphic with the… 
Evolution of Sentience, Consciousness and Language Viewed from a Darwinian and Purposive Perspective
In this article I give a Darwinian account of how sentience, consciousness and language may have evolved. It is argued that sentience and consciousness emerge as brains control purposive actions in
Betwixt the Popular and Academic: The Histories and Origins of Memetics
In this thesis I develop a contemporary history of memetics, or the field dedicated to the study of memes. Those working in the realm of meme theory have been generally concerned with developing
Mind, Education, and Active Content
The notion of mind as an information processor has dominated much of the contemporary debate surrounding theory of mind. While mind-brain supervenience is generally accepted by theorists, the degree
The Semiotics of Memes in the Law: Jack Balkin’s Promise of Legal Semiotics
The jurisprudent Jack M. Balkin introduced the analogy of memes as a semiotic device for understanding the law. His notion of cultural software into which this device was inserted is developed first,
Internet memes we live by (and die by)
In the internet age, memes are at once products and driving forces of social practices A meme contains a memetic message and a meme output, and boasts, if guided by a pragmatic way of thinking,
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My thesis comprises three papers on individuals’ preferences over family composition and the degree to which these are culturally determined, or learnt. Prices, Norms and Preferences: The Influence
Atypical evolution of mania
A 39-year-old female patient, previously diagnosed with type II BPAD, regularly followed in an outpatient setting, is diagnosed with delirious mania, a severe syndrome, characterized by rapid onset ofMania, delirium and psychosis, which can become lifethreatening.
Memes, fears and suicide
  • Sayantanava Mitra
  • Medicine, Psychology
    The Australian and New Zealand journal of psychiatry
  • 2020