Membrane-tethered mucins have multiple functions on the ocular surface.

  title={Membrane-tethered mucins have multiple functions on the ocular surface.},
  author={Bharathi Govindarajan and Ilene K. Gipson},
  journal={Experimental eye research},
  volume={90 6},
Membrane-tethered mucins are large glycoproteins present in the glycocalyx along the apical surface of all wet-surfaced epithelia of the body, including that of the ocular surface. Originally thought to function only in epithelial surface lubrication and hydration, data now indicate that the mucins are multifunctional molecules, each having unique as well as common functions. This review summarizes current knowledge regarding the three major membrane mucins of the ocular surface, MUC1, MUC4… CONTINUE READING

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